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Good article on impact of Leaf Rust Fungus...

If you enjoy drinking organically grown coffee, do it now.  None of us know how hard the impact of global climate change will hit the organic coffee growing world.  We only know that it WILL hit, and sooner than we care for.  Prices are rising and staying high.  - Read More

Cold Brewed Iced Coffee Recipe

  Something nice for the Dog Days Those of you who come see us at the Sunday Farmers Market at St Philips Plaza may have been enjoying our Iced Cold Brewed Coffee for years. It's the only place we offer it.  It's an 'off menu' item so you just kinda have to know we have it and you have to get there early because we run out too fast.  As a treat, I thought I'd share the recipe with you.  You don't need to purchase a special cold brewer (Toddy) for this.  You just need a 1 gallon pitcher to..  - Read More

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