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Many Ports in the Storm...

The west coast port problem has finally begun to affect us in big way.  I've been warning folks for weeks that the labor dispute at the west coast ports could cause us to run out of certain coffees if not resolved soon.  It's not, and we have.  We are completely out of our Central American and some South American coffees. I expect to have some of them available in a few weeks. (We're having some trucked up through Mexico) Albeit in short supply.  However, even if this were resolved tomorrow, it would take weeks to untangle the backlog

Fear not!  We are still roasting some wonderful African and Far Eastern (Indonesian) coffees as well as our Espresso Blend, French Roast Blend, and some others.  This is a great time to try something new.  Go ahead!  Give it a try!

This situation is not only impacting our coffee drinking habits.  A big chunk of our economy and a LOT of folks are suffering as a result of this situation.  Let's all hope it is resolved soon.


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