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In its raw state, the garlic clove is a tremendously sharp and spicy surprise, generally one far too caustic for most palates. Many onions are the same way, producing tears in even the sturdiest of chefs. Properly roasted, however, both become sweet, flavorful delights. Their outsides are richly caramelized, and their insides are replete with flavor. But a chef's timing must be just right to produce this desired combination. Overcooking either one can turn a caramelized treat into a charcoal chew.  The same is true for coffee. 

The beauty of coffee is that every growing region produces its own unique subtleties, and nuances. Rain, sun, wind, soil, and the flora and fauna of Chiapas, Mexico are what distinguish that region's coffee from those grown in Matagalpa, Nicaragua and from Sidamo, Ethiopia and from every other growing region around the world. Roasting those unique beans until they're black lumps simply ruins their individuality. It strips them of their power. Those subtle flavor characteristics — floral, fruity, citric, spicy, nutty, woody, earthy, and so on — fade quickly into the dark and are lost forever.

When roasted with care, a coffee will offer up its very best combination of Aroma, Flavor, and Body. The result is one spectacular cup. Under-roast the beans, and the result is a bland brew that can taste like bitter lawn clippings. Over-roast the beans, and the result is what I've already mentioned: charcoal. Regardless, miss the target and you'll be drinking the ho-hum daily brew for which too many people already settle. You can find it in the blue or red cans of your local supermarket or in the pretty bags of any trendy café chain. Yuck! 

At Adventure Coffee Roasting, our passion is discovering the elusive ‘sweet spot’ of every remarkable bean we encounter, producing for you the best possible coffee on the planet. We believe that quest is the essence and art of coffee roasting. To achieve it, we roast each batch by hand without the aid of computerized roast profilers; we match time and temperature to the progression of color and aroma; and we adjust each batch individually to ensure perfect flavor in the cup. At exactly the right moment, the beans drop into their cooling tray and finish what we consider the optimal roast. We breathe in that distinct coffee scent as it wafts across the room. We invite you to share in our experience, to sample the power of our freshly roasted beans.

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