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Cold Brewed Iced Coffee Recipe


Something nice for the Dog Days

Those of you who come see us at the Sunday Farmers Market at St Philips Plaza may have been enjoying our Iced Cold Brewed Coffee for years. It's the only place we offer it.  It's an 'off menu' item so you just kinda have to know we have it and you have to get there early because we run out too fast.  As a treat, I thought I'd share the recipe with you.  You don't need to purchase a special cold brewer (Toddy) for this.  You just need a 1 gallon pitcher to brew it in and another one for the finished product. Use your favorite coffee.  Have fun and enjoy!


Josh’s Cold Brew


Step 1:  Empty 1/2lb of coarsely ground coffee into a 1 gallon pitcher.


Step 2:  Fill the pitcher with cold filtered water and stir.  Cover the pitcher and leave on the counter.


Step 3:  After a couple of hours, give it a gentle stir until all the grounds sink to the bottom.


Step 4:  Cover the pitcher and let sit undisturbed for about 24 hours total.


Step 5:  Very slowly, pour the concentrate into a serving pitcher leaving the grounds behind. You can use a sieve to catch any loose grounds, if you wish.


* For a more filtered concentrate, let sit for an hour and repeat Step 5.


* Shake it up!  Pour over ice, dilute to taste, enjoy!


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