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No leaf, no fruit. No fruit, no coffee...

Photo: Our nemesis, La Roya, on a Pacamara tree (1500 meters) on Jesus Mountain, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua.  Taken on July 2013.

Most of you know that coffee grows inside of a cherry on a tree. Sadly, this past growing season in Central America, a fungus called La Roya has been thrashing the leaves of these trees with the worst epidemic since 1976, according to the International Coffee Organization (ICO).  Of course, no leaves means no fruit and no fruit means no coffee.  Surprisingly, this hasn't yet hit the mainstream media.  We're just starting to see shortages coming from Costa Rica, Guatemala, and El Salvador. Stay tuned.


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AUWGH! Maybe we should start stockpiling!

Posted by Tamara on November 02, 2013

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